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Automotive Art, Design and Fabrication

HotShoe Studios is an automotive art, design and fabrication facility located in Pompano Beach, FL.  Originally focused on automotive art and sculpture, we have expanded our services to also include design and fabrication projects custom tailored for automotive collectors.

Our specialty is hand-formed automotive sculpture of all shapes and sizes. These unique pieces of automotive artwork are made with the same techniques used by the original carrozzerias. We also apply these revered metal crafting skills to create bespoke, custom cars for collectors much like the “Special Projects” division of Ferrari.

We can make a hand-formed aluminum Ferrari P3/4 body with an oak buck as a mind blowing conference table or bar. Currently we are creating an aluminum bodied Ferrari ’59 TR tribute for a client alongside an NCRS ’67 Corvette restoration. We are also doing a Ferrari 360 SP manual conversion. Our daily work runs the gamut from automotive sculpture bucks to your very own custom car or restoration/restomod.

We are able to accomplish these creative feats all in-house within our 15,000 square foot facility. We have all the equipment and technology necessary to bring our client’s wildest dreams to life in a professional, pristine F1 environment. We have a full size paint booth, composites oven and prepreg refrigerator. In addition, we also have a Haas CNC mill, CNC lathe and CNC plasma table capable of cutting 3/4″ steel plate. All of these items coupled with our metal shop allow us to complete the most demanding projects to the highest degree of perfection.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish! Stay tuned as we slowly unveil some of the incredible projects we have underway.

Oh, we still make automotive art of course, only now it can also be full size and drivable!

Hotshoe Automotive Art
Automotive Art, Design & Fabrication

State of the art onsite restoration, design and fabrications services available for all marques and years of collector cars.