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Ferrari 250 GTO wooden buck


Just unveiled! My new 1/4 scale Ferrari 250 GTO wooden buck sculptures.

Made out of .25″ thick double sided veneer plywood with a baltic birch core, these unique sculptures pay tribute to the beautiful art of automotive “bucks”.

A buck was the 1:1 template used by the original coach builders as a “gauge” to help them shape their metal car bodies. Although originally used as a tool their inherent beauty has led many people to view them as works of art in their own right.  If you search online for Pininfarina bucks you will find some gorgeous classic examples that exist to this day in various collections and museums.

Contrary to what many people believe a wooden buck wasn’t used to hammer directly on. It was a way of testing the fit and curvature of each hand formed panel thereby ensuring the repeatable accuracy of every shape.

 I fell in love with the beauty of these forms back in design school when I first saw them. A few years later during my metal shaping education I decided I would find a way to incorporate them into a piece of art.


Ferrari 250 GTO wooden buck sculpture

Pictured above are two examples of the wooden buck sculptures I offer for sale.

To the left is the basic 1/4 scale buck for $1,950 plus shipping. This buck is made enitrely out of .25″ double sided veneer plywood with a blatic birch core. I only use the best domestic grade plywood that is free of voids and blemishes.

To the right is the same 1/4 buck with the addition of a solid wood nose and side vent details. This option is available for $2,500 plus shipping.

Both options are priced using oak for their construction. I can make either of these bucks out of any type of wood should you prefer something different. Please call or email me for a quote.

I also offer the popular option of adding hand formed .050″ aluminum panels to the buck as seen in the image below. These pieces of aluminum are shaped by hand using the same techniques and tools as the original coach builders. They are then finished in OEM paint and clear coat. I can add as many as you’d like. Pricing varies depending on the quantity and complexity of pieces added.

Ferrari 250 GTO wooden buck sculpture

All of my wooden buck sculptures feature integrated stainless steel mounts that allow your sculpture to be wall mounted or rest on a flat surface.

I will be offering additional varations in the future such as a wall mounted “half” a buck and a simple frond end only option for those looking for something a bit smaller and easier to display.

Ferrari 250 GTO wooden buck sculpture


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