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Anthony Lauro

Anthony Lauro

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The new Ferrari F8 Tributo is here!

Officially announced this morning, the all new Ferrari F8 Tributo images have already been systematically plastered over every social media account on the planet.

Let’s get right to it. The F8 will be one powerful V8. For those of you into stats and numbers feel free to check out the official PR release I posted below. There is plenty of data for you to mull over during your lunch break. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the specs so I won’t rehash the details. Yeah, it’s fast.

We have gotten to a point in the evolution of the car where every new exotic released is mind numbingly fast. I have no doubt that the new F8 will continue this trend and be an engineering marvel in its’ own right. I’m sure it will outperform and exceed its’ predescessor by leaps and bounds. The question always remains in the design itself.

Is this a successful progression for Ferrari’s design language? Will it be embraced by the tifosi? Will it send 488 owners scrambling to their local dealer to put down a deposit to get on the infamous “list”?

As someone with a background in automotive design, I always like to let a new design settle in before I judge it. I am a self avowed Ferrari homer but I can be very critical when it comes to design. I am especially harsh when I sniff a marketing exercise that exists solely for increasing production. Hello, Portofino, I’m talking to you.

I’m going to give this replacement for the 488 a few days to simmer before I come to a final conclusion. I will say at first glance that it feels like a well done, subtle upgrade to the 488 design. I am really digging the vented F40 esque rear glass treatment. Overall, the new rear fascia is growing on me as the day progresses.

What are you thoughts on the new F8? If you are a 488 or 458 owner will you be looking to switch? I would love to hear your opinion on this new design.




The Ferrari F8 Tributo: a celebration of excellence


An homage to the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history




Maranello, 28 February 2019 – Ferrari has revealed the first official photographs of the F8Tributo, the new mid-rear-engined sports car that represents the highest expression of the company’s classic two-seater berlinetta. The name is an homage to both the model’s uncompromising layout and to the engine that powers it – with a massive 720 cv and a record specific power output of 185 cv/l, it is the most powerful V8 in Prancing Horse history for a non-special series car and sets the benchmark not just for turbos, but for engines across the board. The 3902 cc V8 won “Best Engine” in the International Engine of the Year awards three years running in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and, in addition, in 2018, was awarded the title of the best engine of the last two decades.


As these prestigious awards demonstrate, in the automotive world, Ferrari’s V8 engine is seen as the very epitome of sportiness and driving pleasure. This is particularly the case when it is mid-rear-mounted in a two-seater. Ferrari has been honing the scope of abilities of this architecture, which creates an optimal weight balance, to perfection for over four decades. The result is the F8 Tributo, which is one of the fastest, most thrilling and communicative supercars ever.


The new car replaces the 488 GTB, with improvements across the board, providing even better control on the limit along with greater on-board comfort. The F8 Tributo punches out 50 cv more than the car it replaces, is lighter and benefits from a 10% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency along with the latest version of the Side Slip Angle Control, now in 6.1 guise. So while the F8 Tributo offers the highest levels of performance of any car in the current range, that performance is also very usable.


The F8 Tributo delivers its 720 cv without the slightest hint of turbo lag and produces an evocative soundtrack. Instantaneous power is matched by exceptional handling thanks to advanced vehicle dynamics solutions. These include a new version of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE+) which can be activated in the manettino’s RACE position for the first time, a move designed to make performance on the limit easier to reach and control for an even greater number of drivers. The steering wheel rim is also smaller in diameter to enhance the level of tactility and make the car feel even more agile. In addition, weight reduction measures have cut the car’s dry weight by 40 kg compared to the 488 GTB, further enhancing both responsiveness and driving pleasure without impinging on interior comfort.




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Ferrari F8 Tributo

The new Ferrari F8 Tributo is here! Officially announced this morning, the all new Ferrari F8 Tributo images have already been systematically plastered over every social media account on the planet. Let's get right to it. The F8 will be one powerful V8. For those of...

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