“Bella Linea”


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Inspired by classic Italian lines, my hand-formed aluminum sculpture “Bella Linea” is now for sale.

Hand formed out of .050″ aluminum, it stands just over four feet tall and has an integrated concrete base. It is painted in OEM Rosso Corsa, cleared and color sanded for an immaculate finish.

My focus for this sculpture was to create a sculpture that was inspired by the flowing classic lines of Italian cars. It is not meant to be a literal interpretation of any particular car. Although admittedly there is a heavy influence from the lines of the  Ferrari 360 and 250 LM.

I wanted to create a simple yet elegant shape that could be interpreted as abstract art to those not in the car world. Something that would be just as at home amongst a car collection as it would in a living room or foyer.

Automotive Sculpture Process

View the Progression of My Ferrari 250 TR Sculpture

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A few of the traditional Metal Working Tools I Use

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