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I am proud to offer my original acrylic painting of the legendary Ferrari 330 P4 for sale.

This is an authentic, original automotive artwork on canvas. It was painted using the finest acrylic paints available and has been protected with several layers of varnish to ensure its’ longevity. The painting measures 22″ x 12″ x 1 5/8″. It is a gallery wrapped canvas painting that has been cradled over a birch plywood panel. The painting comes with its’ own unique serial number, is signed and ready to hang. Also included with this original painting is an official Certificate of Authenticity.

Buy with confidence knowing this is an original work of automotive art and is the only one of it’s kind. It is NOT a giclee or reproduction. It is NOT an embellished digital artwork. Best of all, your original painting comes ready to hang and does not require any stretching, expensive framing, or special hangers. Shipping included with the continental USA.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or specific needs.

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About the Ferrari 330 P4


Arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever created, the Ferrari 330 P4 has been revered and admired by automotive enthusiasts since its’ inception in the late 1960’s. It has been one of my favorite car designs since I first saw it many years ago.

I was recently moved to paint this particular car, s/n #0856, after watching an inspiring video at Petrolicious. One of my favorite YouTube channels, Petrolicious is well known by automotive enthusiasts for their incredible content, most notably their exquisite videos of vintage cars. I specifically purchased my AppleTV so that I could enjoy their videos on my flat screen with surround sound in the comfort of my living room.

Petrolicious is much better than me when it comes to writing so here’s their official full-length description of their mind-blowing Ferrari 330 P4 video:

As much as any other car, the Ferrari 330 P4 is the embodiment and culmination of an entire era of racing. With its low-slung stance and voluptuous lines, it is also among the most visually stunning cars ever produced. Combine these factors and the word “icon” slips to the tip of one’s tongue.

Still smarting from losing the Constructor’s International Sports Prototype Championship to Ford in 1965 and 1966 — and, in 1966, watching a trio of Ford GT40s finish 1-2-3 at Le Mans — Enzo Ferrari turned to his chief engineer, Mauro Forghieri, with a simple instruction: win. In world then dominated by Carroll Shelby and Ford’s formidable 7-liter engines, this would be no easy undertaking.

What resulted from Forghieri’s mandate was the 330 P4, arguably the greatest Ferrari endurance race car of all time. Based on the 330 P3 — and almost identical cosmetically — the 330 P4 represented a significant mechanical upgrade from anything Ferrari had run previously and, in 1967, it would return Ferrari to the pinnacle of sports prototype racing.

The highlight of the 1967 season came at the 24 Hours of Daytona, a race that would come to be known as The Revenge of Il Commendatore. Led by Chris Amon and Lorenzo Bandini in a 330 P4 (and trailed by Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti in another 330 P4), Ferrari finished 1-2-3 at the hallowed Florida circuit. Soon thereafter, a pair of P4s finished 1-2 at Monza, and while Ford again won at Le Mans, P4s finished second and third and Ferrari was once again in possession of the sports prototype title.

Rules changes concerning engine displacement spelled the end of the 330 P4s in European racing, but by that time, the car had cemented its place in the pantheon of endurance racing.

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