“Sempre Avanti”



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“Sempre Avanti” is a 1/4 scale automotive sculpture of the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. Arguably one of the most beautiful cars in the world, the 250 GTO has long been one of my favorite automotive shapes. It is one of the few shapes that inspired me to learn the art of metal shaping.




All of the automotive sculpture seen within this website have been created by myself, Anthony Lauro. I hope that my work conveys all the emotion and raw energy that great vintage and exotic cars exude. My construction methods are equally important as my design language. A significant aspect that separates my sculpture from others is that they are created out of metal using the same techniques and tools as the original Carrozzerias. I hand craft each automotive sculpture using the “lost art” of coachbuilding. I use the same methodology established by legendary coachbuilders such as ScagliettiVignale, and Figoni & Falaschi.

My automotive sculpture features many iconic marques such as FerrariMercedesTalbot LagoPorscheLamborghiniDelahaye and Bugatti. I generally focus my work on vintage cars but I am always eager to approach newer subject matter. No matter what your preference I can accommodate your every need. Together we can create a masterpiece fitting of a coveted spot within your collection or corporate office. If you would like to speak with me about commissioning an automotive sculpture please contact me at anytime.

As you may see within the gallery every automotive sculpture I create is done entirely by hand with traditional coach building tools.  Although I primarily work in .050 aluminum I also create sculptures in steel and or carbon fiber. It is a tedious, arduous process that often takes over one thousand hours per sculpture depending on the size and scope.  It requires painstaking craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.  I take great pride in fabricating every single element from scratch.  Nothing is store bought or mass produced. This includes every little nuance right down to the custom formed headlights and bezels.

My obsessive attention to detail ensures that each sculpture has the same “uniqueness” of form and presence as the original car. Upon completion, I finish my automotive sculptures in the same premium, OEM paint used by the factory.  This color coat is then protected by several layers of the finest automotive clear. I don’t stop there as most would. After applying the clear coat I spend dozens of hours color sanding, machine polishing and hand buffing. The final result is an unparalleled, mirror like paint surface that will endure the test of time.

I’m sure in your search for automotive sculpture you came across many different options and excellent artists. I am proud to say that unlike many of the other artists, my automotive sculptures are not easily duplicated. One key item that sets me apart from the others is that every automotive sculpture I create is a bespoke “one-off” tailored to my client’s specifications.  I do not create cookie cutter sculpture to turn a quick profit. I do not mold or recreate any aspect of my work at any time. I do not create castings for limited editions. I do not create dies so that I can stamp out sculptures in large numbers. This would negate my goal of creating a unique, hand crafted sculpture that embodies the nuances of the lost art of metal shaping.

I want each automotive sculpture to be is as individual as its’ collector and the subject matter. As such, I personally guarantee that my sculptures will never be reproduced or duplicated, thereby ensuring their rarity and exclusivity. In a time of mass produced art and high volume reproduction pieces my automotive sculptures are truly original works of art.

Contact me today to commission your own automotive sculpture.

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1/4 Scale

Roughly 48" long, 15" high and 24" wide


.050" aluminum