Metal Fabrication

Traditional Metal Shaping, Fabrication, Restoration and Repair

CNC machining

Haas VF2-SS CNC Mill and Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe

CNC Plasma

Lincoln Torchmate 4800 CNC Plasma Table

All of our creative projects are accomplished entirely in house within our 17,000 square foot facility. We have all the equipment and technology necessary to bring our client’s wildest dreams to life in a professional, pristine F1 environment. HotShoe Studios features a full size paint booth, composites oven and prepreg refrigerator. In addition, we also have a Haas CNC mill, CNC lathe and 4′ x 8′ CNC plasma table capable of cutting 3/4″ steel plate. All of these items coupled with our extensive metal shop allow us to complete the most demanding projects to the highest degree of perfection.

With passionate vision and relentless determination there is no limit to what we can accomplish! Stay tuned as we slowly unveil some of the incredible projects we have underway.


  • Oversized Abrasive Blast Cabinet
  • Full Size, Downdraft Paint Booth
  • Composites Pressurized Curing Oven
  • Prepreg Refrigeration Unit
  • Haas VF2SS CNC Vertical Mill
  • Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe
  • Lincoln Torchmate 4800 CNC Plasma
  • Complete Metal Fabrication Shop
  • Complete Vinyl Sign Shop


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Automotive sculpture, design and fabrication services based in Pompano Beach, FL. Specializing in metal shaping, customs and fabrication.


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